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Faucet and fixture

Faucet Installation:

To complete this installation, set aside a half hour of time. Remove the access panel to your shower fixtures. Turn off the water by closing the two valves by the hot and cold water pipes. Install the faucet seat valve in the hot and cold water pipes by placing the seat valve in the pipes. Then insert a seat valve wrench into the pipe and turn the wrench to install the valves. Insert the seat washers into the faucet pipe on the hot and cold side. Press them into place with the tip of a screwdriver. Each is spring loaded, so insert the spring side in first and be careful when handling these parts. Place the faucet handle stems into the pipes on the seat washers. Align any notches to allow the stems to slide into place. Place the packing nut or retainer clip over the stems. Tighten the nut with a hex wrench.